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Table of Contents

Supporting Home Learning

Most Traveller children attend Primary School (85-90%). However, at the point of transfer to Secondary School there is a massive fall in attendance with only about 20% registering, for a variety of reasons. There is still the cultural pattern of boys beginning to go out with their family to learn their Traveller trade and girls staying at home to help with younger siblings and learn the skills needed to run a home. There is also fear of bullying, drugs or promiscuity at ‘big school’ and a sense that it is timely for young people to focus on Traveller life and identity.

At this crucial transition point LTI offers education that fits in and around the demands of home life and prepares the young people for a future in a rapidly changing world. The traditional ways of self-employed working for Travellers are becoming harder to maintain and young Travellers need education and training in order to compete. At age 16+ young Travellers will often seek entry into college or onto vocational training courses in order to prepare for work. The community feels more confident and comfortable about their young people going out into education and training at this age.

As part of this service, LTI also liaises with County Council Elective Home Education Advisors and assists with the regular inspections that are carried out.

Enabling Health Promotion

In the UK many Traveller sites are situated in undeveloped
environments and lack adequate basic facilities.
Furthermore, they are often far from local amenities. Poor
access to healthcare and a lack of continuity of care when
families move around can lead to poor health outcomes.

LTI provides health education to Travellers to help
improve their uptake of preventative health services
(immunisation, screening, smoking cessation etc). In
partnership with Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation
Trust, we facilitate access to Traveller communities for a
range of health professionals and this in turn promotes
awareness of the available health services.

We have also developed a bespoke ‘health’ website:  to specifically offer support and advice for Travellers on a range of common health concerns. We have also produced a complimentary set of health leaflets.

Well Woman Group

We have established two extremely successful Well Woman groups in Gainsborough. These groups cover a wide range of activities all with the aim of improving health outcomes and access to services. Many health professionals join the groups to deliver information and practical advice around topics such as, mental health, cancer awareness, weight management, healthy eating and screening for all of the major health concerns.

Adult Training

Lincolnshire Traveller Initiative provides lifelong learning to the Traveller communities of Lincolnshire by facilitating access to a range of courses from different providers.  This helps to transform the lives of many of the Gypsies and Travellers by creating better opportunities to gain employment, resulting in improved economic well-being. We provide this service, as with all of our services,  on-site.

Information, Advice & Guidance

We provide support with Passport and Driving Licence applications, job applications, school admissions, home to school transport applications for isolated sites, college applications and career development.

Fig. 1 driving licence

Recreational, Cultural & Educational Trips

We organise a variety of trips to encourage and facilitate community cohesion and broaden Travellers’ horizons by engaging in new activities.

Professional Development & Education

LTI provides professional development and awareness raising for a range of agencies such as police and social workers. We also facilitate teacher training placements on a regular basis.

Education Pack

We have developed an education pack that is intended to be used within Primary Schools. It will give pupils an overview into the culture and traditions of Travellers in the UK.