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Traveller Culture

A heartfelt interview

To give a sense of what being a Traveller is like in today’s world, we asked a Traveller lady who lives on a site in the South of the county and has two teenage children.

Q. How would you describe Traveller life to a non-Traveller?

It’s a hard life and a different way of life. I think we have more morals, generally there’s no sleeping around or kids before marriage for example. However, Travellers are very judgemental of each other too, and living so close together it can be difficult to let your guard down.

Q. What's the best part of being a Traveller?

That’s a hard question to answer, I don’t wish that I wasn’t a Traveller because I’ve never known any different. Although we have mixed with colliers (non-Travellers) there’s still a strong feeling of who we are.

Q. What's the worst part of being a Traveller?

The stigma and discrimination that we get and the lack of freedom because there are so many rules about what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

Q. Is the Traveller way of life changing?

Things are getting worse, for example with the introduction of Facebook, because it’s harder to keep track of what the children have access to. And I feel that morals are loosening.

Q. How do you think non-Travellers view Travellers?

I feel strongly that you shouldn’t judge somebody until you actually know them.

Q. How do Travellers view non-Travellers?

Well we see them as people who run the country, i.e. the doctors we need, the teachers we rely on, the lawyers we may need etc.

Q. How do you view education?

Personally I feel that it is a good thing and that all children need to go school.