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Lincolnshire Traveller Initiative

Connecting Travellers & Services

Mission Statement

LTI is committed to creating
opportunities, community
cohesion and positive futures
for Lincolnshire’s Traveller
communities. Our aim is to
empower families by providing
a range of trusted quality services.

Understanding the term “Traveller”

The term “Traveller” is used to describe a wide variety of cultural and ethnic groups that either are, or have been, traditionally associated with a nomadic lifestyle.
These include Gypsy, Roma, and Travellers of Irish Heritage, Fairground Families, Circus Families, New Travellers, and Bargees or Canal-Boat Families. The two main groups of Travellers in the UK are Gypsies and Travellers of Irish Heritage.
These two groups are recognised ethnic minorities and thus afforded protection under the Race Relations Act.